Fleeting Lives

by True Worth

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7" vinyl out now
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released October 11, 2013

Recorded by JJ Stickley



all rights reserved


True Worth Harrisonburg, Virginia

VA Hardcore

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Track Name: Void
Every single day, I try to find a way.
To fill the void inside, but nothing satisfies.

(Weight on my back)
I try to hold on. I try to stay strong.
(Searching for some peace)
My mind is worn out, overwhelmed with doubt.
(Another wasted day)
I’m sick and tired, of feeling hollow.
(Nothing seems to change)
The world keeps turning. It’s leaving me behind.

And all the money in the world couldn’t make me content.
Cause I’ll be left with this void when it’s all been spent.

Anxiety, shows it’s face, no matter where I turn.
It never fails, it’s all been lost, things I haven’t earned.
I’ll never find, my peace of mind, if the cycle never ends.
I’m losing grip, on what is real. My mind will never mend.

I can’t fill this void.
Deprived of what’s inside.

I try to hold on. I try to stay strong.
The world keeps turning. It’s leaving me behind.
Track Name: Ill-Disposed
Overwhelmed with hate, I never realized.
All my life I’ve been the one who’s victimized.
Time to give back, repay.
You’ll never change these spiteful ways.

Bite your tongue to keep the lies inside (your mouth)
You’re too far gone. At least I tried.

I, can’t change the fact that you
Drove me this far.
Take this, for what it is,
There’s nothing left of your pride here.

Hateful, ill-disposed.
Lowborn, that door’s been closed.
Track Name: Alpha (ft. Reilly Embrey)
Caught up in yourself,
Your eyes are closed, surrounded by fog.
Ego on the shelf,
Alpha dog.

You’re the alpha doooooooooooogggggggggg.

Walk around like the world owes you everything.
But it really doesn’t owe you shit.
I must have missed it when they crowned you king.
In the end you’ll be the one who gets bit.

Face yourself.
You’re the one
Alpha dog.

Take a step back, you’re in my fucking way.
No patience left here, you’ll be the one who pays.
When it’s done I hope you’re satisfied,
With not a single person left, by your side.

You think you’ve got it, with all that you’ve said.
You’re thinking backwards, these thoughts fill your head.
Everything to prove,
Nothing left to gain.
You’ll never see it, but you’re all the fucking same.
Track Name: Guilt
Looking back now, on the things I’ve done
Guilt is building, there’s nowhere left to run.
I think it’s time now, to take the blame.
The lives I’ve changed, will never be the same.

I can’t erase, all the scars, I’ve left behind.
I carry weight, it’s killing me, in my mind.
Start again, to fix myself, and change my ways.
No matter what, I’ll be the one to pay.

All this guilt builds, it’s killing me.
Can’t help but think how things would be.
Without me.

I can’t take it back, all the pain I’ve caused.
I won’t rebuild the things I’ve taken down with no remorse. Wish I could resolve, all these broken ends.
Repay the ones I’ve wronged,
and make things right again.

Overwhelming guilt, from inside of me.
Only forgiveness, will set my conscience free.
Track Name: Fleeting Lives
Death comes, my way, to take the ones I love from me.
Always, fighting, to keep my own mortality.
I can’t escape it, and by this pain I’m bound.
Gotta keep my feet tied to the ground.

Looking back and feeling, you left the world far too fast.
Memories I carry, I’m scared to death that they won’t last.
I know you’re with me always, watch me as I grow.
The things you taught the world, I hope you know.

All our lives are fleeting.
All salvation is temporary.

Reaper took the ones I love but I won’t let him take it all.
When he comes to search for me, I won’t be there to hear his call.
I’ll find my peace in better days and leave the darker days behind.
Won’t forget the ones I’ve lost, they’ll never leave my mind.

I know, death is, waiting for me.
But I’m undisturbed cause I can finally see.
When I’m six feet under I will be set free.
Track Name: Warpath
Hell bent and nailed down, fighting to survive.
Trying to find my way out, unrelenting drive.
Pushing myself, every day, to succeed.
I’m in this for me. Not in this for greed.

Pressure mounting. Head pounding. Never doubting.
Keep on moving. Still proving, that I’ll always be good enough.
Stay focused. Never broken. Moving forward on this warpath day by day.

On. The. War. Path.
On. The. War. Path.

We’re the braves on the warpath.
We will never break.
Pushing forward to carry through.

We’ll outlive, we’ll outlast.
At the end of it all,
We’re still standing.