Dark Days

by True Worth

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released April 21, 2012



all rights reserved


True Worth Harrisonburg, Virginia

VA Hardcore

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Track Name: Big Brother
turn yourself inside out to see whats inside
my ears cannot hear but my eyes are not blind

fix your brain its defective and your heart's still infected
from all the lies and decay that you found

so long ago you walked around
standing up tall head in the clouds
but now your back's crooked
and life won't allow of
the things you once toiled over
and snared underground

you are the old man my mother once warned
who withered away and broke from the storm
you are the old man who broke down inside
and all your emotions have gone and died

take back your life regain what you lost
the banker is holding you up to your costs
you can never pay for you are the old man
that told everyone you had a ten year plan
at 20 years old with a heart full of life
you took the world on with meaning and light

take back what you said you are an old liar
your letters will be tossed back into the fire
the embers will burn the smoke will billow
and this will be the last time you sleep on your pillow
Track Name: Cancer
Things will never be like they used to be
Life will never be as free as it should be
Sickness plagues without a warning
Mind goes blank with no warning

Tortured thoughts of losing you
Memories get me through
Thoughts weary with all this pain I see
Fight today and soon you will be free

Pride in a girl with a future
Fight for a girl with a future
Live for a girl with a future
Die for a girl with a future

This is all I left to give.
This love I have knows no ends.
I'd give my life just to see you live.

Fuck cancer, you will live forever.
Track Name: Setting Sun
I wake with the rising sun
Countless battles that couldn't be won
Few words that you spoke to me
You took my life, now I'm history

Days go by, overcome by the countless lies
As night falls, my thoughts build up a fucking wall

You took the man this world made me

You'll never live til you get this close to death
Every day presents a new test
To put one foot in front of the other
Press on, fall back on your brothers

I'll never let someone get that close
Resist temptation and open your eyes and see
Every day I get stronger
Lesson learned, I'll hurt no longer

Endless summer, endless misery
Rebuilt, positivity

I'll never get back, all that you took from me
No regrets, all of this made me, me
So set with the sun, and let this die
My eyes are pointed at the sky
Track Name: Crisis
Depression making me fold
Tearing me down
Farther and farther
From where I need to be
Family and friends
Will always be
The thing that pushes me

I’ll suffer


I will fight
My way
Back up
To the top


Find me
For peace

You’ll see
I’ll be fucking fine

This hatred, will burn
Forever, till the day I die
I will never sleep
As long as you are here
This ice is so thin
This ice is so fucking thin
Pressure weighing down
So long, for now

This pressure will find
Its way to everything
That I have always loved
And believed in
This ice is so thin
This ice is so fucking thin